Do you think it is important to live a life without any rules?
To live life according to your own rules?

And what do you think about people like me who freely choose to live life abiding by rules, such as praying 5 times a day and covering my hair, not drinking, clubbing etc?

I was raised an atheist and started to believe in God through my own free will after believing in nothing but the big bang/darwin etc.
bat, and jordan. Yet more rudeness. Thanks for that!

yep, I will inevitably ‘cry indidel and blow myself up’, you are so correct! Ive got the grenade here all ready, you must be psychic!

Oh and the bit about me being a former atheist, it was just to explain a little about me, thats all. So drop the smart comments and answer the question please.
I asked a question. And all I got was a load of horrible comments, questions directed at me, and inevitably ignorance/rudness/arrogance etc etc. The list goes on. So thanks, many of you seem to be really moral decent people. Im off now, enjoy your points!

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